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I would like to take this opportunity in thanking for creating such a wonderful photo book showcasing
many of my commissions and paintings I have worked on.

This book is a perfect way of showcasing the work I do for clients revealing the
transformation from photo to painting.  It is a brilliant marketing tool for when I am at
the many shows and events I attend.  The work speaks for itself within the photo book
and has also been a wonderful opportunity to highlight the testimonials I have had from
clients along the way which can only be viewed on my website, but now visitors to my
Trade stand can read the satisfaction I have brought to my clients through my artistic ability.

The book displays professionalism and is a real asset to my future business.

Creating the book although took time, but doesn’t all art require time to perfect, was
quite an easy process uploading photos and just dragging onto the pages creating your
own unique composition.  When I needed help I just emailed Printerpix and they sent me
simple step by step instructions.  Previous products I have also ordered from Printerpix I have
been impressed by their attention to customer satisfaction.  I would have no hesitation in
recommending Printerpix who are very happy to offer discount to my clients and visitors to
this page.  Just click on the link above.

Reality is  unvarnished, entirely non magical fact , unconceptualizable   Bryan Magee, Sight Unseen.  Realism here is magical, I see it changing before my eyes!  Sue Mclachlan | 07818062559 | 02380369922 | @suemclachlan2